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The HCRC is a local pressure group, supported by the residents both sides of the river Thames. In this regard, within this website, the HCRC would welcome the opportunity to publicise local businesses and traders of the area.

It is important to the HCRC to create a community-based site that can be accessible to all, either for information, or for the promotion of business.

HCRC are dependent on sponsorship, but not only in monetary form. Keeping everyone informed with flyers for instance has cost dear in paper, printing and ink alone and the setting up of the website has also required substantial funding.

Fund-raising is already a critical factor and requires constant attention. It will be a challenge to keep ahead of the additional running costs of a successful campaign.

We will be relying on the generosity of local sponsorship and donations to sustain the campaign and offer in return, though this website, exposure to a wide local audience. HCRC invite you to advertise here.

Your contribution, however small or diverse will be publicised. You may join the list of donors shown, or if you prefer can advertise separately. If you would like to discuss the latter option, please contact the HCRC for more details.