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This is the part of the website that allows you to freely communicate your ideas. By using this forum, the HCRC hopes that you will share your opinions with fellow supporters and have a voice. This is a very important section of the site, which will provide a window, through which support will be viewed. Important individuals, national bodies and the Press will be monitoring our support through your published letters and emails, so the HCRC would greatly appreciate your valuable contribution.
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JMB December In the letter which I, like many others, received from the Government Office for the South East yesterday, para 5 states ... "The Secretary of State noted that both English Heritage and the Commission for Architecture supported the proposals." I spoke to a senior official at English Heritage and asked how this could possibly be true. He told me that EH are not in a position to object since the site is not listed and is therefore not within their jurisdiction. The term 'supported the proposals' is therefore deliberately misleading and as this stands as a central plank of the argument against calling in the plans that decision should be re-appraised....(read more
David Blackshaw November I am writing to you because I am frankly appalled at the manner in which this meeting was conducted last night.  I should like to know why the Conservatives, en mass, are voting for this proposal...(read more
CT November I have returned from this evenings planning meeting somewhat confused by the lack of professionalism and detail displayed at the meeting. The issues that were being discussed were of local, regional, national, international and historical significance yet it was apparent that on the eve of such any important decision there was still no distinct clarity of what is actually proposed and how the development would function?...(read more
Jan Moor November ...Every single junior school in Molesey, Thames Ditton and Walton have capacity waiting lists and are not accepting any more children onto their lists. When she asked what she could do she was told the only road open to them was home education! Where do Gladedale propose the new influx of families on the Jolly Boatman site will go to school?(read more
J L October I write to you because I am annoyed that I have been misrepresented by Gladedale...  [They] are stating that I support their plan which I DO NOT and have included me in their 2,200 supporting submissions!  I feel this is incredibly manipulative on their part, the questionnaire was designed in such a way that a negative response was impossible without adding extra comments (which I did, but which have obviously been ignored)...I therefore feel that all these 2,200 submissions supporting the plan should be ignored...(read more
Alexandra March August I've been a resident of East Molesey for several years now and love living here, I'd be ashamed of myself if I didn't speak up in opposition to the proposed plans...The thought of this thing going up near my home, in my village, almost makes me physically sick...(read more)
John Lynes August As a resident of East Molesey, I travel on my bicycle across Hampton Court to work in Kingston every day. I can only presume that whoever thought up the proposed transport plans has not observed the traffic during busy times, they are inherently flawed. Without hesitation, I can guarantee that these plans will massively increase congestion in Molesey and represent an increased hazard to the local area...(read more)
Jenny Bourne March During the 25+ years I've lived on the riverside in Kingston and Hampton Wick I've despaired at the rapid rate of development of high density build along the river frontage...Words fail me... where will it stop?...(read more)
Brigitte Hubert March I just cannot believe that someone in their right state of mind can even suggest such an ugly building. Architects of England where are you?? This looks like an modern day service station hotel along a motorway. Why can't developers and planners not appreciate historic sites and buildings? You will be judged by history as a great failure of taste. (read)
Rebecca Tong March As a resident of Bridge Road for 21 years I am proud to live near Hampton Court Palace. I have commuted weekly to work from Hampton Court station for over 15 years. I agree that the proposals for the Jolly Boatman area and station are badly thought through, over-commercial, out-dated, ugly and not fit for purpose. Wake up Elmbridge...(read more)
James Sancroft February Residents of the Royal Star & Garter are quoted in the Press saying that it would be “absolutely devastating” if their move to a new home opposite Hampton Court Palace was “scuppered” by Elmbridge Borough Council. This has created a misleading impression...Every right-thinking person would wish to see them housed in the best possible accommodation...It essential to find the right answer to this huge planning application. Let us do this in the best interests of the Palace, the communities for miles around and the 60 elderly ex-service men and women who seek a new home...(read more)
Martyn Passey 30th January 2008 This will open up the floodgates for developers all along the riverbank. As for the station surely as paying passengers we are entitled to expect a decent station with amenities without the chain of a hotel, unaffordable housing, shops and a car park hung round our neck!! Don't lets these monkeys develop this site or we will all live to regret it. Martyn Passey (Village Voice Founditguide - Hampton) ...(read more)
Elizabeth Candy January 2008 It is easy to become emotional when words such as 'heritage' are brought into an argument, so I have, as far as possible, considered the proposed Gladedale/Network Rail development without reference to its possible effect on Hampton Court Palace...(read more)
Monique Foster 14th January 2008 As a local, I am proud to live so close to a beautiful historical palace and enjoy regular walks to the Palace grounds, riverside and Bushy Park. I agree with everyone else who have rightly expressed their discontentment to the hideous development proposals...(read more)
Chinners 9th January 2008 Hi, as you are aware I fully support your campaign against this developement and will of course highlight the issue again at the next round of local elections in May as well as at our spring conference which this year is being held in East Molesey!!!...(read more)
Jenny Murray Band 13th December 2007 It strikes me as unbelievable that the architects involved do not perceive this location as a magnificent show-case for their best possible work...(read more)
R H Moore 13th December 2007 I was concerned that if I had lodged a comment at the exhibition at The Mitre Hotel it might not have been submitted as a Letter of Representation. This is the case with one submitted by my wife which does not appear in the Planning Application documents. If one has been omitted, how many others have been?

I wish to register my objection to the proposals on the following grounds:
a) Hotel
b) Car Parking
c) Traffic Interchange
d) Retail & Commercial floorspace
e) 'Thinking outside the box'...(read more)
Janet Evans 6th December 2007 I picked up your flyer at the exhibition at The Mitre on 16 November, and have been studying it and other information since.

While I agree with some of the objections to the development, on the whole I feel that the site is just so awful at the moment that we should go ahead on this basis - hopefully with some final amendments. We could spend many more years getting everyone to agree on a final design, while the site continues to deteriorate!...(read more)
  4th December 2007 I fully support the comments made by Peter Black on this Forum - The site is a mess and has been for years, but the proposals are simply not appropriate. The developers need to think again and work with the council and local people to achieve a balance...(read more)
G. English 1st December 2007 I'm going to come straight to the point.
This new and frankly ugly development plan is an outrage. If this plan were to become permanent, it wouldn't be the first time that buildings were built in Hampton Court/East Molesey, that frankly destroy the historic feel surrounding it and scar the landscape. i.e the new flats on Bridge Road...(read more)
Sheila Stiling Ward   Elevations are appalling. The hotel looks like a cheap warehouse design for a downmarket industrial estate or a Holiday Inn, the Star and Garter homes and flats are a mediocre, 1970`s style corporation build...(read more)
Sue Slaughter 25th November 2007


The idea that anything should or could be built to block the view of Hampton Court Palace (one of the most important historic sites in this country) and the beautiful trees on cigarette island, horrifies me...(read more)
Peter Black 22nd November 2007 As a resident of East Molesey for the past 13 years, and one who frequently uses the station and drives across the bridge, I applaud the decision finally to address redeveloping the eyesore that greets visitors from across London, the UK and the world. The station, with its dishevelled appearance and total lack of amenities, is an absolute disgrace as the gateway to a World Heritage site...(read more)
Linda Burkitt 19th November 2007 Having also attended the exhibition last Friday, I agree with all the other respondents that the proposed designs are ghastly and totally inappropriate.

I'd like to report on the discussion I had with the Gladedale Homes representatives at the exhibition. I admit I made my views on the designs clear from the outset...(read more)
Mike and Jane Stephens 19th November 2007 We generally support your stance in this complex and important matter and much appreciate the time, trouble and energy being devoted. 2 We believe the site should be largely left undeveloped with attractive hard and soft landscaping to the River frontage, though there could be low density development at the southern end...(read more)
Christopher and Dorothy Phipps 18th November 2007 Dorothy and I visited the exhibition yesterday and were appalled at the latest iteration of the development plan which their marketing said had been arrived at after consultation with local residents and other interested parties. When asked for details of the consulting residents it was stated that this had taken place through the last exhibition process where some 800/1000 feedback forms had been submitted.There was however no formal resident input other than that into the design now submitted, misleading to say the least!...(read more)
Peter Aron 17th November 2007 I visited the above today and was greatly dismayed at the designs on display. The hotel building, which resembled a cheapo version of a Travel Lodge, could at best be described as hideous. And the square flat roofed accommodation blocks were similarly devoid of any architectural merit...(read more)
Mike Cross 17th November 2007 I viewed the plans at The Mitre on Friday, 16th Nov. and was duly underwhelmed, just as I was two years ago at the previous presentation. The outstanding blot on the proposed landscape is that stark, rectangular, prison block (hotel) with a pitched roof thrown in to add 'local flavour'. No attempt to blend to the Victorian character of the locality whatsoever and the hard open space & steps only accentuate the bare, unimaginative, picture...(read more)
Sally & Mike Kennis 17th November 2007 We both feel that the artist's impression shows a warehouse !!! Very unattractive and certainly not in keeping with the local arcitecture. Extra traffic would cause even more congestion and the views when arriving at Hampton Court Station would be ruined...(read more)
Stephen Webbe 17th November 2007 Just got back from the Public Exhibition at the Mitre. I'm not averse to development on the site, but the flats and the Star & Garter homes look like cheap student accommodation. I'm not asking for some Tudor pastiche, but both developments need to hint at the history over the river. Their design simply isn't creative or striking enough. The same goes for the hotel. Frankly, It's all wretchedly pedestrian. OK for Croydon or Crawley, but not for such an important national site as this. If it goes ahead, we're all going to have to endure it for the next half century at least...(read more)
Sheila Stiling Ward 16th November 2007 Elevations appalling. The hotel looks like a cheap warehouse design for a downmarket industrial estate. The Star and Garter homes and flats like mediocre 1970`s corporation build. Health and safety is glaringly inadequate on the precipitous terracing to the river frontage...(read more)
David and Helen Belchamber 5th October 2007 We agree entirely with the sentiments expressed in H M Newmarch's email of 5 July 2007...(read more)
H. M. Newmarch 5th July 2007 The site currently needs clearing up and improving, but that does not mean by any old commercial development.

On such a sensitive site screening is vital. Learn from some of our national parks. Natural screening ie trees must be in place before building can start. Then any building must rise only to the level which that screening protects the view from the Palace and its grounds. That is the only way to ensure that this particular site does not compromise the integrity of our national heritage...(read more)
Susan Fellows 5th July 2007 I cannot begin to tell you how much I agree with your aims to keep the area around Hampton Court Palace open and free of further development.
Your station should be restored to make it 'The Gate way to Hampton Court' I have visited the palace on several occasions, twice for the flower festival and the sight of the palace across the water takes my breath away, it is so beautiful...(read more)
Sharron Robertson 11th July 2007 All attempt should be made to keep development away from such an historical, and locally beautiful embankment!! Once building starts there will no end of attempts to continuw pushiong for more building. The present Brown era has begun with the building of homes and developers will be ful on. This site should be preserved for all. Once built up it belongs to a few...(read more)